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Plastic pedestal Support-Fountain Innovation design

May 30,2023

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Traditional fountain design in the actual construction, maintenance and overall perception of the existence of various drawbacks: "Hua" phenomenon, the later pipeline maintenance. Through continuous improvement, innovation, from a practical point of view, the use of support in conjunction with the separation of separators in the spray method is a reform. And this excellent new method in the project has been recognized in many ways: through the support of the separation of the whole piece of the uniform, the overall generous beauty, more suitable for modern fountain design and perception needs, showing the gap spray water quality.

Specific practices:

Construction, with the support of the high stone, through the support of the partition plate on the deck to reserve the corresponding gap as backwater, gap and stone hole can be installed lantern and nozzle, instead of the traditional use of water Bizigou practice, retaining the integrity of the floor pavement. In addition, the use of plastic pedestal, do not need to specially through water Bizigou or special drains to carry out backwater, slate formation natural, the overall waterscape more harmonious, beautiful.


The stone is supported by a support device, which replaces the traditional cement column. The support can be freely adjusted with a high degree of slope, and the construction steps are simpler and quicker, effectively reducing labor cost and reducing construction cycle.

Stone crevice or stone hole to place the lantern, lighting is not affected by any obstructions, waterscape effect has been greatly improved. This method changed the traditional water Bizigou occlusion lights, affecting the brightness of the shortcomings of Waterscape.

The use of universal support frame high stone, at any time can be opened stone or the overall lifting of the maintenance pipeline, replace the lantern. This approach is to ensure the maintenance of convenience and fluency, but also to change the traditional maintenance difficult, delay of the shortcomings.

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