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"Self-Service Buffet" Team Activity

May 19,2023

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Life is not just about the daily grind, but also about unexpected surprises! To further enhance team spirit and enrich employees' leisure lives, the Domestic Trade Department organized a gourmet team-building event.


Through everyone's joint efforts, a table full of delicious worldly cuisine was presented before us. Even the quiet and graceful ladies couldn't help but dig in when faced with such delectable dishes. Their inner foodie nature was fully revealed~

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After a few rounds of card games and Werewolf, we all teamed up and headed to the strawberry picking farm. The emerald green leaves and lusciously red fruits signaled the arrival of spring, and everyone grabbed a basket and got to work. When we encountered big, ripe strawberries, we would call others over to pick them together, chatting and sharing interesting stories while enjoying the delightful harvest. In the midst of laughter and joy, our bonds grew stronger.


It must be said that each team-building activity has given us more opportunities to get to know every colleague around us. It has left us with many unforgettable moments, bringing us excitement and moving experiences. While savoring delicious food and spreading happiness, the beaming faces of everyone reflect the cohesion and unity of the team! In the days ahead, we will continue to forge ahead with the same enthusiasm, focusing on our work with a fuller spirit, and jointly create a bright future for TaurusTech Technology!

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