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What is Adjustable Paving Pedestal ?

Adjustable Paving pedestals, also known as tile pedestals, stone pedestals, and porcelain pedestal pavers, are primarily used for building rooftop gardens, balconies, terraces, courtyards, plazas, fountains, and exhibition halls. They support platforms made of stone, marble, granite, and ceramic tiles. JNZ pedestals ensure that the platform surface remains level and the spacing is even, allowing for quick drainage. Our system has an adjustable height range from a minimum of 5mm to a maximum of 1360mm, effectively improving sloping surfaces and simplifying maintenance and upkeep. It's worth noting that this is not a permanent fixture and can be easily removed without damaging the paving surface and materials.

How to install adjustable paving pedestals step-by-step?

The stone pedestal can be installed in various areas, such as rooftops, terraces, courtyards, plazas, and pedestrian walkways, all of which require a solid ground surface, such as concrete, for installation. We will now assist you in quickly understanding the installation process.

Step 1: Preparation
First, determine the height of the paving pedestal by subtracting the thickness of the stone from the platform's overhead height. Next, calculate the number of pedestals needed, with a spacing of 300-400mm between each pedestal, taking into consideration the size of your stone.

Step 2: Assemble the Pedestals
Follow JNZ's assembly guide video (insert hyperlink) to assemble the various components of the pedestal. Adjust the pedestal to the desired height and lock it in place with the reverse locking ring.

Step 3: Set up the Grid
To ensure a smooth installation process, we recommend setting up a grid in the installation area and placing the assembled pedestals in their designated locations according to the grid.

Step 4: Lay and Fix the Stone
Lay the stone on top of the pedestals and use Vertical Closure Clips to secure the stone to the pedestal. Use a level to ensure that the surface is level throughout the installation process.

In conclusion, the installation of adjustable paving pedestals is a straightforward process that requires careful preparation and attention to detail. By following these steps, you can create a stable and level surface for your outdoor space that will last for years to come.

General Component of Paving Pedestals

Taurus has always been adhering to the tenet of "technology-led, quality-first, and people-oriented".

adjustable paving pedestal

The extender also called connecting piece, used to increase the height of TA-R series, the upper end diameter is 120mm, the upper end thickness is 11.62mm, the lower end diameter is 105mm, the lower end thickness is 7.25mm, and the height is 230mm.

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Paving Pedestal Case Studies

Garden landscape, roof garden, various wooden platform overhead, square, indoor decoration, balcony/terrace decoration, booth construction, fountain waterscape.

Calculation of the amount of Pedestal?

The quantity of Pedestal is calculated based on the size of the stone material. Generally, the following table can be used as a reference. However, in actual project applications, we need to calculate based on the specific situation of the project. Providing project drawings can help us better.

adjustable paving pedestal

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