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Decking Pedestals - The Ultimate Solution for Elevated Outdoor Decking

If you are looking to elevate and level your outdoor decking, then a decking pedestal may be the perfect solution for you. Decking pedestals provide a stable base for your decking material, such as wood or composite, while also allowing for proper drainage underneath. In this article, we will explore the benefits of decking pedestals and why they are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and builders.

What is Adjustable Decking Pedestal ?

Taurus decking pedestal, also known as a "decking riser," "adjustable decking feet," or "decking support," is primarily used to adjust deck tiles, paving slabs, composite decking, and wood flooring to different heights and levels. The product is stable, durable, long-lasting, and easy to install. Our pedestal system has a height adjustment range from 5mm to 620mm and is available in sizes with 30-80mm, 50-70mm, 60-80mm, 40mm, and 60mm joist slots to accommodate different sizes of wooden/ composite / aluminum/ steel joists.

Installation of Adjustable Decking Pedestal

Adjustable decking pedestals are an excellent option for those seeking to construct a level deck on uneven terrain. JNZ offers eight pedestal series, including TA-A/U/R/NR/T/S/V/FH, to elevate your deck. However, it's crucial to properly install these pedestals to guarantee the stability and longevity of your deck.

Step 1: Preparing the Surface

After cleaning the foundation surface, mark a grid in the area where the pedestals will be placed. This step is important to pre-set the position of each pedestal, ensuring that the distance between each pedestal is maintained at 250-400mm. The height of the pedestal, plus the thickness of the decking and beams, determines the overall height of the platform.

Step 2: Installing the Pedestals

Assemble each pedestal correctly and adjust it to the desired height for the project. Once assembled, place each pedestal in its designated position on the marked grid.

Step 3: Installing the Beams

Place the beams in the joist slots on top of the pedestals, ensuring that they are oriented correctly. Use a laser level or spirit level to ensure that all beams are level.

Step 4: Securing the Beams

Secure the beams to the pedestals using nails. The sides and tops of the joist slots on the pedestals can be nailed to reinforce the connection.

Step 5: Laying the Decking

Lay the decking on the secured beams, starting from the corners and working outward.

Decking Pedestal Case Study

Garden landscape, roof garden, various wooden platform overhead, square, indoor decoration, balcony/terrace decoration, booth construction, fountain waterscape.

Calculation of the amount of Pedestal

Calculation of the amount of Pedestal?

The quantity of Pedestal is calculated based on the material of the joist material. Generally, the following table can be used as a reference. However, in actual project applications, we need to calculate based on the specific situation of the project. Providing project drawings can help us better.

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